Chibougamau Vanadium Prospects, Quebec

Spearmint Resources Inc. has acquired a 100-per-cent interest in four separate vanadium prospects, the Chibougamau vanadium prospects, all located in the direct vicinity of Lac Chibougamau, Quebec. These four separate vanadium prospects comprise 50 separate claims totalling approximately 6,850 acres (2,775 hectares).

James Nelson, president of Spearmint, stated: "We are very pleased to be able to acquire four separate vanadium prospects all located in the direct vicinity of the vanadium deposit of BlackRock Metals. These new properties border BlackRock Metals' (private) Ilmenite vanadium project, Vanadiumcorp Resource Inc.'s Lac Dore vanadium project and Vanadium One Energy Corp.'s Mont Sorcier vanadium project. This new block of claims puts Spearmint in the heart of the expanding Chibougamau mining district's vanadium circle. Vanadium has garnered significant market attention recently as the use of vanadium in battery storage is gaining momentum and we are very pleased to be able to acquire a significant footprint in one of Canada's best-known vanadium districts."


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